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26th-Jan-2020 11:26 am - [sticky post] My Fanart Masterlist - 2003 to 2011
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An inventory of all the fics written in response to my artwork (ficcustrations!!) - both pre-planned fic/art collaborative efforts, as well as spontaneous insta!fic gifts.

Total number of ficcustrations to date: 72

Last updated: 24th October '10

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8th-Dec-2014 04:36 pm - Hello from Australia!
LotR: angry gollum
So I haven't posted in forever. Hello, livejournal! I have had absolutely zero time for fandom, unfortunately. Turns out that the task of moving to a new country does not end on successfully entering that country. I have had a mountain of paperwork to wade through, and the mountain keeps getting bigger.

But I am happy! And wierded out by the hot weather in December. The idea of an outdoor Christmas barbecue is going to take me a while to get used to.

That and the alternative use of the word "thongs".

Marriage: Mr Oz and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary in October. I can't believe it's been a year already! Most of that year I was in the UK and he was in Aus, so I don't feel like I've been married for a year.

We are quite deliriously happy. :3

The only down side is that we are living with his parents. Which is great for saving-of-money, and my mother-in-law is a wonderful woman, but I am starting to chafe. I don't feel like I can relax and slob around like I would want to in my own home.

Once I've made some progress on my mountain of paperwork, Mr Oz and I will go house hunting :D!!

Car: I have bought a car! I first learned to drive when I was 21, but this was in London where a university student really doesn't need (and can't afford) a car. So I arrived in Canberra, having not driven in 7 years, to a rather haphazard and poorly coordinated public transport system. I relied on Mr Oz or Mother-in-law for drop-off/pick-up duty to get to work, but that became increasingly cumbersome especially with my shift work.

And thus, my first car!

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Job: Really enjoying my work as a neonatal registrar. It's stressful and tiring but I'm relishing the extra responsibility. I haven't had to deal with any catastrophic exciting situations yet, it seems that all my colleagues are getting to see the action, and not me. But I do love working with babies. :D When it's quiet on a night shift, I'll go and cuddle one of the babies if they're antsy and the parents aren't available. So cute. :D

I'm also dipping my toes into trying to get involved in paediatrics research focussing on child protection.

New Zealand: I went to NZ for a few days with Mr Oz, and had a lovely time. We went to the Hobbiton movie set! It was delightful, and we got to see the film crew and a Gandalf body double doing distance shots for the upcoming Hobbit 3 trailer. We also went to Rotorua, which is a smelly but fascinating place with geothermal features galore.

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Brother: My little brother megabeastage has now started university, and is having a whale of a time partying with his housemates and making new friends and not doing enough studying. xD My poor mother is rather depressed that both her children have now left the nest, and whenever I ring her I don't know what to say to her when she gets melancholic. :S At least my brother is able to visit now and then to comfort her.
15th-Jul-2014 02:04 am - New hair!
Sherlock: Mycroft rainbow
I am one of the cool pixie-cut kids now. I haven't had short hair like this since I was 6 years old, when my mother gave me an inadvisable hair cut herself.

I'm getting used to figuring out how to style it quickly but nicely for work. I initially didn't like it at the hairdressers, but after I washed and blow-dried it in the way I like, it looks pretty neat I think. :D

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Why do hair dressers always blow dry with a round brush to give all that puffy round volume on the top of your head? It looks dumb.
3rd-Jul-2014 08:05 am - Oh my god!
Medic: Teddy doctor
I got head-hunted for a neonatology training job in Canberra!!

I was contacted on Monday about the vacancy and invited to apply, I submitted a cover letter and my CV on Tuesday, I was told on Wednesday that I would have a phone interview at 7am on Thursday.

The interview was a 15 minute chat which was piss-easy, and they told me straight away I got the job! I start on 4th August!

I am officially in accredited Australian paediatrics training!!!! I never have to work in adult medicine again!

AAAAHHHHH! I have been up since 5:30am, I am wired and tired and joyous.
2nd-Jul-2014 02:00 am - Unexpected revelation!
LotR: angry gollum
TMI, but whatever, it's nearly 2am and it's my week off. (these are relevant reasons)

I have discovered I have been wearing the wrong bra size for years!

I have been wearing 34C since I was 16, and have always had various fitting problems with it - slippage, spillage, peakage, you get the idea. I assumed this was normal and I had to put up with such pesky problems. I constantly have to readjust (quite embarrassing in public).

Until I saw a bra fitting service at Marks & Spencers recently when I was on the lookout for new underwear in preparation for my Big Move Abroad (tm). On a whim, I figured "why not" and got measured up.

Turns out I'm a 30DD! What the hell. I had no idea. It fits perfectly. I could jump up and down and do cartwheels, and nothing moves. !!!!!

I feel like telling everybody how amazingly my new bras now fit (I bought three). But I am given to understand this is not appropriate conversation in the workplace, so I'm telling The Internet instead.

Has anyone else had problems like this? If so, watch this video: Bra Fitting 101.
25th-Jun-2014 11:40 am - Fly by hello
LotR: angry gollum
Greetings, LJ! I am lurking and reading your posts but have hardly any time to comment or post about my own life. I see many of you are going through turbulent times - the good kind and the bad kind - and I wish you all strength and love and good cheer. *all encompassing hugs*

As for myself, I am rather swamped with RL concerns (when am I not?)

- I am leaving for Australia in 1 month (aaaaagh!)
- I am working full time right up til my big move, and I haven't thought about packing yet (aaaaagh! x2)
- I am getting a wisdom tooth removed next week
- I am also aiming to get signed off for a year of paediatrics training (imminent, yay!)
- Even though I have a job waiting for me in Australia, it's not in the specialty I want, so I'm going to be applying for Paediatrics & Neonates training positions in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed!
- I don't want to work in adult medicine again.
- I never seem able to escape paperwork. When I think I'm just on top of things, a new pile of forms materialise before me.

Self-indulgent girly stuff:
Let's talk about something other than how stressed I am right now. A friend of mine gave me perfume as a going-away present - Romance by Ralph Lauren. It smells nice, but it's all fluffy pink powdery smelling, and I don't think it suits me. I never thought I'd be interested in perfume, but I find that I am! The fact that it's summer and I am all stinky sweaty is also a key factor.

I would like recommendations from you guys of perfumes that are fruity-herbal-aqua, happy, cheerful, everyday, not too fluffy or heavy. I know next to nothing about what kind of perfumes are out there, and rather pathetically, I feel too intimidated to go to perfume counters in department stores. All those scary coiffured beautiful people. D: I should grow some metaphorical balls and not worry so much, but introvert is as introvert does.

Recs please :D! I want to smell nice. I prefer sprays rather than oils.
3rd-May-2014 05:18 pm - Hugs & Emigration
General: *muppet flail*
Hi everyone. It's been a ridiculously long time since I last posted on LJ - life just keeps getting away from me! I still lurk on my flist now and then though, and still enjoy seeing what you guys are upto. :-)

Last month I went for a 2 week visit to Australia to see Mr Oz again.

I feel I should give him another alias, since I called him Mr Oz on my LJ when I didn't know I was going to marry him. How about Strayan Spouse?

This was the first time we'd seen each other since our wedding & honeymoon. It was all very squeeful at the airport when he saw me walk out of Arrivals, like:

Strayan Spouse is adorable. ^_^

While I was there, I had a job interview which I totally nailed (fuck yeah) and so I have been offered a job in General Adult Medicine, starting end of July! I intend to look around for Paediatrics positions later, but I'm just so relieved to have a job to walk into when I move abroad to join Strayan Spouse. A small part of me was gutted to give up my current job, and the thought of being unemployed in a new country was upsetting.

So, attention friends from London (and surrounding areas) that I know! I would love to meet up with you before I emigrate, if possible. We should do something!
1st-Apr-2014 07:03 pm - Sad times
Medic: Teddy doctor
I have experienced my first paediatric patient death.

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26th-Feb-2014 08:07 pm - Stress!
Sherlock: Pink London
Hello, friends! I have nothing to contribute to LJ these days, hence my very infrequent posting. I miss you all! Here, have a sporadic update about RL, because I have no fandom-y stuff to share.

Stressful things happening in my life:

- Resigned from my paediatrics training program. I am sad about this :(
- Applying for jobs in ACT. There are no paediatrics positions available in the whole of ACT until January 2016 :(
- I have to apply for adult medicine jobs now. I thought I'd seen the last of adult patients :( Not looking forward to the drudge of adult medicine again. It's nowhere near as fun as paediatrics
- Spending an obscene amount of money on various Australian visa-related things - my health check (including chest x-ray, blood tests, and urine test in case I'm pregnant/have HIV/have TB - how charmingly biased the immigration system is *scowls*, my police background check, getting the Australian Medical Council to recognise that I have a medical degree)
- Have decided to stay for one complete year of paediatrics training before leaving for Australia, so ETA is September 2014 (!!!!)
- This also means that in order to get recognition for this year of training, I have to do all the assessments and audits and essays along with working on-call. UUUUURGH.
- I am also coordinating the junior doctor on-call rota which is the biggest pain in the arse ever and takes so much of my free time! I should really be paid for the amount of work I put in it. Consultants cajole juniors into doing it by saying it's "good for your CV". What bollocks. >:(
- I haven't met up with any friends since my wedding in November. This is ridiculous. I have become a workaholic.
- I miss doing fanart. I simply don't have the energy or willpower to do any nowadays.

Good things happening in my life:

- Still married! :D
- Mr Oz's birthday present was a success ;P I must say, it's a rather novel sensation to be attractive to someone, I'd never experienced it prior to Mr Oz. He has done wonders for my ego.
- I am going to Australia for a visit in April! Can't wait!
- My splendid brother megabeastage is now 18 years old! Madness! And he has nabbed himself several university offers to study mechanical engineering. So proud of him! My clever boy ♥ ♥ ♥
- I still love my job, but the hours are hell. How do people do this when they have families and other responsibilities?? I can barely take care of myself! Luckily I can slob around my tiny flat with no compunction.
- Still reading a bit of Sherlock fic when I get the chance.
- I have painted my nails pink today :D
18th-Jan-2014 11:45 pm - Americans coming to London?
I don't suppose any of my American friends are coming to London any time soon?

I found this really great and reasonably modest tankini top by Lime Riki, but unfortunately their shipping from US to UK is ridiculous. I have looked high and low across the interwebz and I can't find anything that I like as much as this from a UK site.

If anyone would be willing to order this for me and then bring it with them on their trip to London so I can get it from you, I would be massively grateful! I can pay via paypal.

I am going to Australia in April, so ideally before then would be great!
16th-Jan-2014 03:09 pm - Mr Oz's birthday
LotR: angry gollum
Me: So what do you want for your birthday next month?
Mr Oz: Well I don't really need anything. If I do, I usually just buy it myself.
Me: Well what about something you want, rather than need?
Mr Oz: Well.... I'd rather like to see you in a bikini.
Me: Seriously?
Mr Oz: I know you'll never wear it.
Me: Your desired birthday present is to see me in tiny clothing?
Mr Oz: Of course I want to see my wife in tiny clothing. I'm quite a simple bloke, you know.
Me: Surely there's something you want for you, rather than me buying clothes for myself.
Mr Oz: Sure. I want to see my beautiful wife in a bikini for my birthday. Just for me.
Me: Bikinis are entirely useless and superfluous items of clothing.
Mr Oz: Birthday presents are supposed to be superfluous and useless. Do you have a better idea?
Me: ......


*cautiously goes online shopping*
15th-Jan-2014 12:00 am - Sherlock Series 3
General: *muppet flail*
Loved it for all the yummy emotion and fanfic-turned-into-canon and delightful details and oh, what fun. *basks in the fan service*

tiny spoilery commentCollapse )

I am now basically huddled in the corner like a creeper, waiting for Sherlock fandom to produce some fic.

*creep creep creep*

In Other RL News: I miss my husband. :( Long distance is hard. I am going to visit Mr Oz in April though, exciting! Oh and I turned 28 a couple of weeks ago. Wow, that's an old number, I don't feel mature or sensible or grown-up enough to warrant being a 28 year old.

Work: Neonates is interesting to work in, but vastly different from general paediatrics. Resuscitating newborns is probably the most emotionally satisfying thing I've ever done - the majority of babies respond really well to basic resuscitation, and seeing the parents witness you turning their blue, floppy, lifeless baby into a crying pink wriggler with your intervention... what a wonderful feeling. :)

I had a crazy shift over the weekend where I had newborn with a lot of meconium stuck down its throat and not breathing. I had to use a laryngoscope for the first time on a real baby, and I had to do it NOW because my registrar wasn't around. I'd only ever done it on a plastic dummy before, so on some level I knew I was meant to be feeling nervous.... but then I wasn't. I just went for it and stuck the laryngoscope down the baby's throat to clear the meconium. The midwives could see I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing and actually asked me if I wanted my senior to come down to help, but I knew that I would figure it out, and there wasn't really time for hesitation. Then I suddenly could see the vocal cords with meconium all over it, I cleared it out, gave the baby some ventilation breaths, and it worked. Crying pink wriggly baby.

By this time my registrar arrived, and she didn't really have to do anything. She then said, "Well done, you've saved a life."

Awesome. :)
28th-Dec-2013 10:02 pm - New post-marriage hair!
Sherlock: Pink London
As lokifan said, "It's like the anti-break-up hair cut."

Now that I don't need long hair for the voluminous updos necessary for my wedding, I decided to chop it all off.

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Mr Oz's comment on my new hair: "You look like Gi, that water chick from Captain Planet. I liked her, she was hot."


In other news: I am so freaking excited for Sherlock!! The mini-episode from a couple of days ago was marvellous. Poor John. :( :( :(
General: Oz ruby slippers
Hey guys! I finally got off my lazy bum and thought to post a few photos from my wedding reception at London Zoo. :D I was decked out in ridiculous finery, and I'm ever so glad I don't have to go to such lengths again. But it was pretty fun to feel so glamorous for a day :D

check it out!Collapse )

And then a spider monkey stole Mr Oz's boutonnierre (true story).

Not many pics available unfortunately, I'm still waiting on my photographer to deliver the goods. But I did want to show you guys a couple of pics, if only to demonstrate my ridiculous outfit and make up.

I have also received the wedding videos from my civil ceremony and this reception. The ceremony video is quite sensible and nice. The reception video is unfortunately very Asian, with loud Bollywood music edited in (I perhaps unwisely gave the videographer free reign with editing). Ah well. My mother loves the video, and I suppose that's all that matters. I'm more interested in the photos.
Medic: Teddy doctor
Greetings, alive people! I am not alive. Ever since I got back from my honeymoon on 15th November, it's been non-stop at work. I have now started working in Neonatology, which is intense and scary but really interesting. It's a combination of carefully modulated Intensive Care of preterm babies, and hectic running around in Labour Ward resuscitating newborns.

I've just finished a series of 5 soul-destroying night shifts, where I didn't even have time to go for a wee, let alone eat or drink anything. xD

As a reward, I have a week off (yay!) during which I will chill out with friends and family, as well as spend a couple of days at a ridiculously expensive advanced paediatrics life support course. The course looks fun though, I'm looking forward to it.

I have also *drum roll*.... submitted my visa application for Australia! *bites nails* I don't know how long it will take, I'm expecting anything from 3 to 9 months.

And in other news, my 10th (10th!!) LJ anniversary was on 11th November, and I totally forgot because I was with Mr Oz in Indonesia at the time. xD My usage of LJ (and involvement in fandom) has certainly tailed of to almost nothing these days. But I still remain a fandomer at heart, and I still check out my flist and use it as a resource for finding awesome fics.

And I still love the name Lizard Spots. I don't understand how people are happy to change their usernames. It's so much a part of me.

11th November 2003, I was applying to medical school and doing my A-Levels and had no self-esteem to speak of. And on 11th November 2013, I'm a paediatrician, married, and moving to Australia! That is nuts.
General: *muppet flail*
I am now officially Mrs Oz! I got back from my honeymoon a week ago and went straight into long on-call shifts which was not fun. But I am finally starting to recover.

I had the best time, you guys :D The wedding events all went smoothly, the honeymoon was splendid, Mr Oz is the biggest mushiest sap ever, and I'm really happy :) :) :)

Some photos of all the festivities have trickled onto facebook, but I thought I should post a select few photos here.

Under the cut are pics from my civil ceremony at Gretna Green.

*insert bagpipes music here*Collapse )

More photos (of my muslim ceremony, gaye holud, wedding reception & honeymoon) forthcoming.......
22nd-Oct-2013 09:56 am - Should I be panicking?
LotR: angry gollum
I'm getting married next week!!

How did that happen? :O :O :O

There has been SO much to do, on top of working + on-calls. Really sorry to those of you who have commented on my recent wedding-related posts that I haven't replied to :s

The party officially starts when Mr Oz and his entourage arrive on Saturday, and because that's how I roll, I have night shifts this week xD

A small part of me still doesn't feel that any of this is real! Am I truly marrying an Australian nerd I found on the internet??
29th-Sep-2013 01:07 am - Work hard, play dead
Medic: Teddy doctor
So I have been a paediatrics trainee for 1 month now (it's official, I received my first salary) and wow, it's tough :S

I have really awful hours because of trying to get annual leave for the block around my wedding/honeymoon, so all my on-call weekends are stacked end to end. I have worked 5x 13-hour night shifts, then had 24 hours to switch to day mode, then have 9x 13-hour day shifts. I am currently on day shift number 4. But it's okay. I can survive it.

I'm having loads of fun, children are just splendid to work with, my colleagues are all super nice, and all the consultants insist on being called by their first name! Which I found rather difficult to get used to at first. I totally made the right career decision though, I love my job - intellectually interesting, exciting, dramatic, and just lots of fun. Kids are so cute. :D Even the bratty crying ones.

But as with any new job, I do feel really stupid and slow to catch up. I keep feeling guilty about bugging my registrar for help with simple things (which is totally dumb, that's what my seniors are there for! I guess I just want my brain to work more quickly xD)

I've also been doing a lot of thinking about how to make the most of this job in re: future job applications in Australia for paediatrics. I alternate between feeling excited about the future, and really down that I have my dream job laid out before me, and I'm giving it up :(

I haven't told anyone at work that I'm not intending to stick around for the whole 8-year paediatrics program; probably not even for the whole 1 year hospital rotation. And all the other trainees are talking about doing teaching courses and revising for our Membership exams and their subspecialties... it makes me sad.

So come what may, I've decided to throw myself into the job anyway, even if what I do "doesn't count" towards an Australian paeds qualification. I'm going to be doing life support courses, an audit, one of my Membership exams. And I've also been lumbered with organising the on-call rota for all the junior doctors in the department. *facepalm* Me and my big mouth....

So. I'm going to treat this job as a training opportunity. Not as a stop-gap until I move abroad. :-)
14th-Sep-2013 09:10 pm - Bridal make-up trial
Sherlock: Mycroft rainbow
Bling outfit deserves bling make-up.

I felt quite pampered and glamorous! My eyes look enormous. Fake eyelashes feel weird.

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